A brief introduction to the classic Honda VF1000R

The Birth of the Honda VF1000R

The creation of of this classic motorcycle was almost a foregone conclusion. With smaller displacement versions of Honda’s innovative V4 engine dominating sports riding worldwide and a racing offshoot winning race after race, experienced riders were demanding more and more.

And more is what the VF1000R had to offer. More of everything that performance motorcycling and veteran motorcyclists demanded. Much of the quality workmanship and engineering that went into the production of Honda’s flagship performance bike had not been seen before in mass production making this one truly unique machine in it’s day.

The Power of the VF1000R

The power comes from this compact,liquid cooled 90* V4 engine sporting accurate, gear driven double overhead camshafts and packing a thunderous 122 horsepower to silence the most vocal of opposition.Usually seen only on high performance racing machines,the gear driven camshafts run quietly and greatly reduce power loss.

Offering unprecedented combustion efficiency a 10.5:1 compression ratio is employed and to overcome engine damaging detonation a special combustion chamber and squish area was designed to give optimum higher combustion speed and boosting power.The innovative one way clutch developed in racing uses a unique mechanism that greatly smoothed shifting and reduces back load and improving performance.

The Chassis

In keeping with the ultimate sports image of the VF1000R, it gets the ultimate suspension combination, handling, even under the most spirited riding, is impeccable.Made so by the mating of a 41 mm assist 3way rebound damping adjustable TRAC or Torque Reactive Anti-dive Control equipped fork and 3way remote rebound damping adjustable Pro-Link rear to rigid, rectangular section pipe frame.

Braking is in the capable hands of dual floating front disks with dual piston calipers and a single ventilated rear, all with sintered pads.

The innovative detail and quality of the Honda were second to none from the racer inspired cockpit with rubber mounted instrument panel, electric tacho and easy to read gauges to the performance oriented single seat design that easily converts to suit pillion use.

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