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Hey guys, first post.

I just bought an '86 VF1000R Basket case. The guy had some extra suspension components he was going to ue before he sold the project to me. I just want to know if its feasable to use this stuff.

For the front, he bought an entire front end from a 96 or so ZX-7RR.. its got inverted forks and huge brakes.... not to mention the 17" tire. Will this work? I know I'll have to get custom bearings and all, but I'm wondering if I should even bother considering it.

Rear wise, he has a swingarm from a 954RR and a rear wheel from a 929RR... again, am I pissing in the wind here? Fabrication I can do, but I'm not going to chop up the whole rear end to make it work. The benefit to this would be running the 190 series tire.

Thanks guys I appreciate it!

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I made a 85 1000R in to a racing superbike. It has 95 900RR forks, and a F3 17in wheel in front. To do this I had a drop top clamp (50mm)made, as newer forks are shorter and the 1000R head bearings are longer on the stem. I also installed a F3 rear wheel in the stock swingarm (160/63 slick) with only minor mods. With a Fox Double cclicker shock this bikehandles great. Jamie Daugherty maybe can help you make the mods . he is a member contact him
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I can't speak to the ZX7 forks but the length is important. You may have to swap the stems. I did for my RC51 frontend. The newer CBR legs are too short. The RC51 is better but still needs a drop to the upper triple to get close, but the offset is wrong so you lose a ton of steering lock, not bad under way but a pain in the driveway. Here's my custom upper for the 51 forks.

The 17" front is a God send. I had an F2 front in the stock forks and what a difference. Get some Gold valve emulators and you'll be happy with the front. The 929/954/rc51 swingarms are way too wide to fit in the frame no matter how much material you try to remove from arm and frame so that's out. Get an F2 rear wheel(4.5") and you'll be good. I've seen 5.5" 900RR rears on the kR but you'll need a special offset front sprocket and may have to remove some material from the front sprocket cover. Frankly, these bikes are heavy enough and a huge tire just slows flick-ablility. Good luck with the rebuild, can't wait to see pics.
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The ZX7R forks are fairly long but you would probably still run into clearance issues at full compression. Front end swaps on these older VF's are pretty difficult. As you can see from Kel's picture it takes quite a bit of work (and usually money, too) to make it work correctly. If you are up for that I'm sure you can make something happen!
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