How to check the steering stem for trueness?

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I'm restoring a mildly crashed 1985 R and after replacing the left fork tube with a brand new and known straight one (which came with the package) I find the tips of the forks to still be way out of line - the front wheels axle would be at about 35 degrees while the triple trees were straight ahead.
I've removed the right side fork and found the tube to be alittle out - not enough to see by eye but rolling it on the table shows it's bowed alittle...
I'm suspecting that the steering stem and lower fork holders may be out of line.
Anyone know how to check these?
Just for ref and clarification it is part # 682015 (120015-001) on this bikebandit microphishe ... 0r/o/m2742
Any suggestions would be most appreciated - keeping me from riding :cry:

Thanks JC
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