Clutch job problems, need help PLEASE!!!!

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I replaced the clutch plates on my 85 vf1000r and somehow pulled the clutch lever now the clutch Is locked and the rod that runs through the middle of the clutch seems to be al the way forward, I can push it back with a bit of strength but it just comes back out slowly. It just seems like I may have tripped the hydraulic or overloaded it. Any help?!
The Dutchy
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Inside the clutch cilinder on the engine (Slave Cilinder SC) there is a spring that pushes the piston out when you either remove the cylinder or remove the clutch..

Remove the cilinder from the engine..
Install the clutch..
Use a C-clamp to slowly push the piston back into the cylinder.
Mount the cilinder back onto the engine.

Also check the MC (Master cilinder) reservoir on the clutch handle.. There are two holes inside of it. One large hole is providing oil to the piston inside the MC. Underneath a small deflector there is a second small hole for returning oil to the MC resevoir. If that little hole is blocked, you can't push the piston on the SC on the engine back in. Don't widen the return hole, but use a small wire from a gas cable or such to poke it free..

Safety Reminder: Brake fluid is the best paint stripper that exists.. Make sure you cover painted parts near the MC. If the deflector is out, and you operate the clutch, fluid might squirt up about 10 feet. If in the occassion, brake fluid gets in contact with paint, directly rinse it of with water.. Don't start wiping, but use plenty of water...

Good Luck,

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I am looking to replace my clutch plates as well. anybody have any suggestions for a source? lots of EBC on e-bay but never used their stuff. any thoughts on which plates to purchase?

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The original ones are also available. Take a look here: ... parts.html
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