VF1000R carbs compatibility with V65 magna/sabre carbs?

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Howdy.. new here. Building a V61 Super Magna (putting a VF1000R motor into a '87 Super Magna frame). The motor DOES indeed fit into the frame, it is almost a direct bolt-in except for the shaft to chain conversion.

Anyway, the motor fits, but the carbs are 36mm and I think the stockers on the 700 are 32... so the 700 intake plate will not fit on the V61... I can't use the stock VF1000R plate and intake because it is horizontal and the cruiser frame needs it to turn 90 degrees to fit inside the double tube longitudinal frame. The V65 Magna used this as did the Sabre).. my question, before I buy more stuff, is are the two racks the same? V65 Magna/V65 Sabre as the VF1000R? Can I buy those intake plates and stick them on my VF1000R rack? My other choice is to build something myself, which I would like to avoid since I'm building enough stuff already.


John - Utah
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