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Hi everyone I am new to this forum,
I have a 1985 vf1000r motor in my single seat sandrail. I just bought this rail a few month ago and motor was not started for years. I took carb apart and clean it, jets and everything it now seems ok. I put carb back and connect coils but I am having a real hard time starting it and keep it running. The problem is the following:
At. First I start it up and it start but real fast like crazy, and the fuel pump was not working, so I thought it was starving for gas, so I rewired fuel pump so it starts when on, which it does, but now when I try to start it is floods the carb especially the 4 cylinder carb which is now puking gas through its exhaust? I am thinking I might have my coils wire wrongly setup or something weird. Also it seems to me that fuel pump is pumping too much gas, maybe my spark plugs wires are not setup properly? Anyone has an idea or the coil setup for firing! Thank you in advance
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My first thought is, that since the the floats are very picky on those carbs, if your engine is mounted at a different angle from what it would be in the VF1000R frame, it might cause the problems you're having. If the floats are set slightly wrong or tilted differently from what they were set for on the bike frame, two of the bowls can overflow into the intake, while the opposite two won't fill enough to let the gas reach the pilot jets. Obviously if there was gas coming out the exhaust, you may have a lot of gas in the crankcase, diluting the oil! Be sure to sniff the oil and change it NOW, if it smells like gas. In fact, I'd change it anyway after you fix the carb issues "just in case". Being on a sand rail, it might make sense find someone who has a Honda V-four in a sand rail, and see what they did.

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