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bruce whitling
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Hi everyone hope you all have a safe and enjoyable christmas,the weather is great for riding here in melbourne australia at the moment but it changes by the hour.
The help that i am asking for is the twin oil pump and sump pan fitted to the later model vf1000f2 able to be fitted to a 1984 r ,a collegue of mine says that it is an easy fit up.
Im told that a 1000re model had an oil cooler fitted havent been able to locate one here downunder that is a wreck or if they ever were imported.
Have located a pump and sump pan from a 1000f theres plenty of oil coolers on ebay from vfr that wont be too difficult to adapt to fit.Oil lines arent a problem its what i do for a living ,would like to do this to try and prolong the life of my old girl for a bit longer any help would be greatly appreaciated .
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