The Worst has Happened VF1000F 1984

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Hi, I Hope you dont mind me adding a VF1000F question here.

This morning i set out on my way to work, a 25k commute, 20 of them on rural roads.
I get 5 km from home and the bike looses power and stops responding.
After i let the throttle off i hear some clunking from the engine.
luckily there is a side road in can pull onto so I coast onto that.

The first thing i think of is to check the oil. I pull the plug to find nothing but vapour.
Very Very disappointed! I only checked the oil 3 weeks ago and have only done 180 k's.

Heart Broken, My wife bought me this bike. Its as original as could be, only just clocked over 30,000 km. I just replaced the original chain and sprocket.

I'm going to have to rebuild the engine, at the very least the bottom end. I'm hoping that the head is unharmed.
I've yet to see the extent of the damage.

So i'd like to ask for 2 things.

1: Im in Australia, were is the best place to source engine parts, gasket kits, etc from?

2: While I'm at it, what other things should I do to the engine? mostly maintenance oriented, not performance.
Im aready planning on hard facing the cams and rocker arms, and i think there is also a honda service bullitin that welds up the holes in the end of the cam shafts.
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I'm in the USA but I would use our USA Guru Dave Dodge. Here's his link:

Most new technicians weren't even born when this bike was made, either way look for an independent technician similar to Dave in your area. I hope this helps.
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Hi ,

No worries for VF1000F stuff . Sorry to hear that your motor packed it in . I have a suggestion though : replace the motor with a VF1000R motor . It is cam-gear driven and a more reliable motor . You can also add an oiling kit to it while its out . Taking your motor apart will cost the same as getting a VF1000R replacement motor . You will still have your original engine to sell with the bike one day . The 1000R motor does require a few mods to make it fit in your bike . I cannot tell you exactly what they are , but I have sold one to someone who was going to just that . PM me if you wish + I will give you my proper e-mail address . I do have a 1000R motor available too . Cheers.
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