85 VF1000R's - Clean Bike and Project Bike(s)

Looking for some mechanical advice or sharing your own tales of the workshop wonder.

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Hi All, i'm new here, but not new to bikes and resto's. I currently have about 15 bikes, mostly 80's sports bikes, lots of 2 strokes (RZ500, NS400R, RGV250,RG250 WW, RZ350 etc), I also have a couple of 500 interceptors (86 and a custom 85 in Rothmans livery) along with a FZR400, a TLR200 Reflex and a few dirt bikes. My regular rider is a 2014 VFR800.

Im in the "Near North" of Ontario, Canada so in winter season my son and I are avid snowmobilers. Its usually the winter when I do most of my restorations. I do all my own work with the exception of the final paint & upholstery, and I send out crank shafts if they need to be re-done. I most enjoy bodywork (plastic welding, fiberglass repair, dents etc), I dont mind engine work, i dont enjoy chasing electrical gremlins... but we do what we have to do. Im a bit of a perfectionist, and I like to collect spare parts as much as I collect bikes, but I do know when to stop and say enough is enough (though my wife may beg to differ on that point).

Ive wanted a VF1000R for a long time and last week I brought home 4 of them, one is pretty clean (id give it a 7.5 out of 10) and the other 3 are parts bikes. Looks like ill be building a second good bike from the 3 parts bikes as my next project. I will be in the Euro colours Red, White and mostly Blue (instead of the Blue, White and Mostly Red which I already have).

The "clean" bike will get some TLC as well and I'll get it to a 9 out of 10. The windshield will come off to be replaced by one that more closely resembles a stock item, the "honda " decals on the upper fairing are incorrect, so they will be replaced, and there are a few other annoyances that my OCD will require me to sort out.

I have a LOT of spares that came with the purchases, so I expect to be selling off a lot of that stuff.

From the parts bikes - I have 4 sets of bodywork, 3 tanks, a hindle 4 into 1 exhaust, 4 seats, NOS set of Carbs, 2 sets of used carbs, 3 engines in pieces and one running ( and heaps of other stuff). Once i get it inventoried, ill post a list in case anyone wants to buy anything. Ill also have to see how good some of it is, one of the tanks maybe too far gone, ill be cleaning it by electrolysis and lining it to see how it is.

Ill be keeping 2 tanks and 2 sets of bodywork, the exhaust and Carbs

Ill keep this thread updated as i start my build. Ive already stripped one of the parts bikes and the frame is off to powder-coat already.

The "black bike" (see below) will be the source of the engine and wheels (for starters), it has a new chain and sprockets and new tires, brakes too. Since someone went a bit nuts with a spray gun there is a lot of stuff that cant be used without too much work to remove paint (eg. they sprayed the handlebar switchgear, levers, clocks etc). But, its supposed to run, so if it does thats a bonus.
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Hi there, Stray, and welcome. Sounds like a good pickup and a good 6-months work!

Bleedin' dinosaur, the VF1000R, but I love it! Mine is in the reversed colours. You might have seen it in another post, but I'll drop it here also.

Nice collection of bikes you have. Coincidentally, I'm looking at a 1985 NS400R on Thursday, with hope that I can score it at the right price. Shame is, it's a 40,000 miler. :cry:

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lovely bike there Nige, I hope mine looks that good once its done next spring.
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