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This might be a bad post but just in case- When doing my VF1000R restore, I couldn't find a good used head pipe gusset cover, or at least one with all 4 of it's underside plastic dowels still intact. There are probably a few out there but I couldn't find one. One came with my bike but both right-hand dowels were gone. I ended up picking up a small bag of plastic rivets
with inner dowel pins that would fit the frame holes. Then, using a hollow punch, put holes where the 4 original dowels were.
To allow some room for movement, the holes are 3/32" to 1/8" bigger than the dowel size. The two outside dowel pins require a little head trimming to clear the cover lip but they're plastic so they can simply be snipped off. Putting small points on
the end of each rivet dowel makes them easier to insert, and you need that if you want to sneak them in without pulling the
tank. I put a drop of chain lube on each one to make them easier to push into place, and did not push them fully into the
holes until all 4 were in place. Not as nice as having a completely intact cover but better than nothing and doesn't look
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