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My clutch is slipping when the revs hit about 8000 rpm.

I looked up the replacement instructions and they refer to a special tool to remove the main nut the retains the spring and pressure plate.

Other places have indicated that it is a standard metric nut.

Does anyone know what it is?

Also, I normally order a set of springs for the clutch pressure plate. Alas, the VF1000R uses a single spring that is no longer available. Any recommendations? Does this spring go bad?


Well, I got the Barnett friction plates and opened her up. A snap ring held a cover and behind it was the nut that held the pressure plate/spring.

It was not a hex nut, but a special nut with 8 cutouts. I needed the special tool. My dealer didn't have one, but offered to buy it back if I paid a 15% restocking fee.

After looking at it, I decided to take drift and try to loosen it. Lo and behold it came loose fairly easily.

I pulled the the 9 plates. I then scuffed up the steel separator plates with 600 grit sandpaper. Also checked for flatness. I then carefully cleaned all grit from the steel disks.

Soaked the friction plates in oil for 30 minutes and installed them.

Torque for the nut? I used a pair of needlenose to tighten it up, the clutch spring is pushing on it and I didn't want that many impacts from a drift. I had to guestimate it at about as tight as I took it off.

Overall, A pretty easy job, didn't even have to drain the oil, just left it on it's sidestand. The side gasket came off clean and I just put a very light coat of silicone gasket maker on it.

I (as usual) had cardboard and laid out parts in the order I took them off. This makes reassembly a lot easier. I clean and inspect all parts before reassembly.

BTW, it uses 9 friction plates according to Barnett. I found them for about $10 each.
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